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therapeutic horseback riding

 ​Therapeutic Riding for individuals with physical or cognitive challenges.  Therapy can be FUN

​​Did You Know...

It costs three times more to raise a child with special needs?

In Alabama, foster parents only receive $14 per day to care for a child?  And,they only receive 1/2 of the recommended amount to care for a child with special needs? 

It costs twice as much to provide proper care for the older, retired horses that serve in our program.  These are horses that would have been put down or sold for meat if they had not been chosen to help the children at TROT?

Each week our 12 horses help us serve about 50 children, with assistance from our professionally trained staff.  WE DO NOT TURN AWAY FAMILIES BECAUSE OF INABILITY TO PAY.  


Proven treatments that help veterans

adjust to their return home from war.


---My daughter was diagnosed with selective mutism shortly after beginning kindergarten.  This is an anxiety disorder which prevents children from speaking.  It is very difficult to treat, and usually does not respond to most treatments.  After a traumatic experience at an eye exam where my daughter refused to answer questions and ended up in tears and having a panic attack, we went to TROT.    After coming to TROT, my daughter has begun to speak to people outside the immediate family, and was even able to talk to me during her eye exam this year!  We are so excited!


---My son had behavior problems at home and at school.  We started coming to TROT, and we have significant improvement in behavior both at school and at home.  And he is having FUN.  It doesn't seem like therapy to him.


---I have two children in TROT.  My son was diagnosed with autism, and my daughter with ADHD.  Both have made big improvements, and we are experiencing much less stress in our family.  


---I wish we could come to TROT every day!  My classroom is more peaceful, the kids are learning more; we can really tell a difference after a trip to TROT


Teachers tell us that after the first session their students are calmer in class, and seem to begin learning more easily after only two sessions.  Parents comment that their children become better behaved at home as well as at school.  Neurocognitive retraining techniques have been well researched and shown to be effective.  We combine these with a positive environment, praise and rewards for positive behavior at home and school, and support for teachers and parents in implementing the strategies we teach the students.  In the past 20 years we have seen four of our students attend college in spite of developmental cognitive disabilities.  Four are currently employed in professional capacity, and 12 more in labor related jobs.  These students had been considered to be unemployable by teachers and family alike before entering our program.  





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horseback riding lessons for riders of ALL abilities.....

able bodied as well as those with special challenges.

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special training opportunities are afforded at TROT.  If you want to learn to work with challenged children and adults, if you want to learn to do equine related therapies, if you want to rub elbows with the UA Equestrian Team, this is the place for you!