"I'll never forget what I saw there. But I am learning how to put it away, back on a back shelf in my mind so that it doesn't get to me any more.  My kids are grateful.  I don't yell at them as much.  I'm still pretty protective, they say I'm over protective, but man, I saw what can happen out there...."

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It is our privilege to provide treatment programs designed by the VA to help veterans returning from combat adjust to life at home.  Without your brave sacrifices, we would not be free to enjoy the lifestyle we have.  Thank you.

"They debrief you, send you home, and it's supposed to be life as usual. But war isn't gone.  It's there in your head, waiting for something to call it out...... "

“Trot has helped my husband so much, and ME, too.” Says the wife of a veteran.
  “He would wake up at night screaming, and one night he had his hands around my throat.  He was so jumpy.  We couldn’t ever go anywhere because he was constantly looking for danger.  He has learned how to control a lot of that now.  We are still recovering.  You see, I got PTSD too, from living with him and his PTSD.  So both of us are learning how to live with what the war did to him, to us….”

It costs only $75 a month to provide a veteran with a full

PTSD program.   That is such a little amount to help pay back to these wonderful men and women who have given so much to ensure your freedom.  

 Please, consider sponsoring a Veteran