TROT offers lessons for children and adults with physical,  cognitive, or emotional disabilities and special circumstances, such as foster care, adoption, social delays, and grief.  Special sessions for school groups are offered.  Lessons plans are developed by a riding instructor in conjunction with a licensed psychologist to target specific needs.  

​TROT provides a one of a kind opportunity for developmentally challenged individuals to experience the joy of horseback riding, competition and companionship.  It also provides therapeutic activities that teach these individuals how to compensate for any challenges they have and overcome these challenges. 

Our son Nathan, now age 9, was born with a complex heart defect.  At the age of 5, during open heart surgery, he suffered a stroke and developed involuntary muscle movements.  Due to the severity of his stroke he is unable to walk independently and perform fine motor tasks with his hands.  While attending therapy to help improve his core strength and coordination, his physical therapist mentioned adding hippotherapy to our care plan.  She specifically said she had heard of TROT in Tuscaloosa.  We called and enrolled Nathan right away.  Nathan LOVES riding the horses!  This therapy has been a true game-

changer in his recovery.  He has shown improvements in his core strength and ability to perform two handed fine motor tasks.  The team at TROT has great expertise in helping treat Nathan's weaknesses.  We are so thankful for TROT and what it has meant to Nathan and our family.

​​              - sincerely, Cheli and Wesley Jacobs

Horseback riding                                                               helps me so much with my ADD.                                                                     You have to concentrate on                                                                    where to put your hands, and your                                                                 feet, and you have to look ahead of                                                                       you to see where you are going,                                                                    and you REALLY can't lose focus.....                                                     Not if you want to go where you want to go....Horses kinda make you pay attention.

For only $35 a month you can sponsor a child.

 For only $50 a month you can sponsor an 

entire special education class.

Don't have that much money to spare?  No problem.  We can combine your donation with those of others and reach our goals.  Every little bit helps make miracles, like Nathan.....