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We offer programs aimed at helping individuals grow, learn, and and reach the potential they never thought was possible- 

all while having fun!


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Saddle Pals


The Saddle Pals Program is designed for children with physical, cognitive, or emotional disabilities and special circumstances. Through this program, we teach life skills, coping skills and adaptive skills to individuals and families with life challenges.

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TROT Summer Camp


Every summer, we offer a mini 3-day summer camp where campers learn all about horses through fun and exciting activities!

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To Our Veterans, We Thank You


It is our privilege to provide proven treatment conducted by our licensed psychologist to assist our veterans in making the transition from combat to life at home. 

School Visits 

To help educate the youth in our community, TROT visits local schools offering opportunities to interact with animals and learn about farm management. We also provide group sessions to the county's special education students.

Reading is Dei-Lightful!

TROT visits local schools with our miniature horse Dei where children are encouraged to expand their horizons (and Dei's) by reading to him. We have found that everyone enjoys a good story!

Winner's Circle


Winner's Circle is a competitive riding program led by instructor Melanie Williams. Riders are coached and compete in events, with transportation to shows included. 

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Riding Lessons

Want to learn how to ride a horse? We offer non-competitive horseback riding lessons to those of all ages with a wide range of disciplines in exchange for a donation to TROT!

We also offer buggy driving for those who prefer that opportunity.

GOAT & TROT Pet Therapy Program


GOAT is a collaborative venture between TROT and the University of Alabama. Volunteers take our small animals to nursing homes and visit with residents.