PJ's Story

Told by Dr. Malone, our Clinical Psychologist 


PJ is an almost 30-year-old Bay Paint Gelding. He was donated by his owner several years ago. 


He had been the loving companion of a little girl who showed him in horse shows sponsored by the American Paint Horse Association.  He took her into halter, showmanship and western pleasure classes and together they built up quite a cadre of awards. 


But, as is so often the case, the little girl grew up, went to college, and her horse was turned out to pasture.  He had friends, was with two other horses, but was not happy. 


He continued to lose weight and his owner’s mother became worried.  She contacted TROT and arrangements were made to go get him.  All three horses were picked up and brought to TROT. 


One of the horses, the youngest, was not happy at our facility.  Not all horses want to be in a place that is crawling with young humans.  Not all horses are happy being ridden by various people, and she was one of those horses. 


A good home was found for her where she lives happily being ridden by only one owner.  As with all horses placed in foster homes, agreements were signed that if she could not live with this foster home, she would return to TROT.  So far, she is happy and content in her foster home. 


The other two became therapy horses, but one suffered an eye injury that blinded her.  She was also placed in a foster home. 


This left PJ alone and lonely again.  So, he did what he does best.  He adopted children. 


PJ, along with Grandpa, are the two hardest working horses at TROT.  He loves his children, and eagerly stands at the door of his stall at lesson time, begging to be petted and loved. 


He teaches riders balance and control and promotes a sense of self-mastery and self-esteem in them by willingly doing anything they ask. PJ is one of our best therapists for kids with self esteem issues. 


Because he is elderly, he also requires a special diet, arthritis medication and shoes.

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