Picabo's Story

Told by Tracy Wharton, Picabo's Owner


Picabo came to Serendipity Farm in 2005 with her human. Although she left for a few years, coming back was a natural decision for a horse who needs to have a job.


Picabo is a registered pureblood Arabian, from the Crabbet bloodline; her sire was Raffon Khemo. Her registered name is Satin’s Pecabo, and she is a Khemosabi/Americus mare. She was born on May 17, 1994.


Pic and her human learned to ride together and were training partners for cross-country distance riders when they lived up north. Arabians are built for distance and endurance, so a 10 mile ride was a fun day out!


Pic was pretty silly when she was young and it took many years for her to chill out enough for inexperienced riders to handle her. She has a heart of gold, even if it is wrapped in attitude sometimes.


When she was around 7 years old, her owner was thrown and badly injured, Pic put her head under her arm and leaned to hold her still until the ambulance arrived. Even with scary lights and sirens, shaking like a leaf, she didn’t move a muscle until her human was safe, and had to be forced to move away.


Pic loves trail rides and running through the woods almost as much as she loves teaching other horses how to open doors when she is bored (she and Thunder are the reason the doors have special latches in the barn!).


A leg injury has slowed her down recently, but she was once easily the fastest horse at TROT, if you could stay on her when she turned on a dime.


Often referred to as “the laziest horse alive,” she learned to love arena racing and the 12 second efforts that were usually followed by treats.


She is as gentle as can be with little ones, but will challenge teenaged and adult riders who think they are skilled and make them prove it.


She loves being at TROT, but still comes running when she hears her human, and the two of them have a bond that can’t be broken. Pic loves Snapple, red wine, and peppermints.