TROT has operated on a small basis for 20 years.  Two years ago it made the leap to nonprofit status in order to expand the services it offers to West Alabama residents. 

​May 1997 – TROT opened it's barn doors to a small group of students.  

September 2002 – TROT's programs began to be developed and directed by Dr. Marguerite Malone, a licensed psychologist

May 2012 – TROT added cart programs and hired Melanie Williams as it's riding instructor.   She is the ONLY paid employee at TROT.  All donations go to support the equine staff and purchase materials needed to provide direct services.  NO ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS ARE TAKEN FROM YOUR DONATIONS. TROT became a nonprofit organization in order to be able to provide more services to more people in the West Alabama area.

March 2014  - Ms. Williams took over as program director and added more services

 During this year we will provide, at no cost, our therapeutic riding and neurocognitive retraining programs to special education students in Tuscaloosa county schools.
 At this time, our capacity is 4 groups of 8 to 15 students per week.  Without funding for this project, we will not be able to operate as many hours.  In the past, when we were only able to operate part time we were only able to offer 2 groups of students per week.  We have a waiting list of schools who would like to participate.  But we only have funding to stay open for a few hours per week.  With your support, we can open our doors for a full 40 to 50 hours per week and serve many more deserving individuals.  


Many times we have had to cancel sessions due to inclement weather.  If we had a cover over our arena, we could serve many more people.  Consider donating to our building fund TODAY to hep us serve more people.

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TROT does have overhead.  We need supplies, or money to purchase those supplies.  

Among our ongoing needs are:

computer paper

printer ink

bottled water

snacks for children

eraseboard markers and supplies



books to give to children

​folding chairs

horse-related toys to give to children

small toy items for prize boxes

notebooks for clients

staplers and staples

paper clips



money for feed and hay and utility bills

money to replace worn or outdated equipment

VOLUNTEERS.  We Need LOTS of those!!


 We need volunteers to

clean stalls

care for horses

do grounds maintenance

make telephone calls

help with mailing campaigns

clean tack

​work with clients