Jett's Story

Told by Dr. Malone, our Clinical Psychologist 


Jett is a 20-year-old black Racking Horse gelding. Christened Shimmy Shimmy Coco Puff, Jett was purchased by accident. 


Melanie had ridden an old black racking horse gelding named Coco for several years, racking up blue ribbon after blue ribbon.  Coco went wandering one day, and stepped in a ditch, breaking his leg.  Despite veterinary care, he did not survive. 


Devastated, Melanie grieved for almost a year before agreeing to look at other horses.  Not being too savvy in the way of horse sales, I boosted the cute, blonde 9-year-old onto the back of various horses for her to ride up and down the alleyway to check them out. 


Unfortunately, this had the effect of raising the sale price for these horses as more sale-savvy buyers watched the tiny girl handle the giant horses with ease.  Little did they know she had been riding since she was three months old and could probably make the orneriest horse in the world behave for her. 


When it came time to bid, Melanie would call out the sale number and bid, only to see horse after horse go for more than was budgeted. 


Now, Melanie is dyslexic.  I had broken my glasses and was wearing a pair from several years ago and could not see more than a few feet in front of me.  This is critical to understanding how Jett came to us. 


Eventually, Melanie called out that the horse entering the sale ring was one of the lot numbers we had liked.  Our pitiful bid of $200 won the horse.  That should have indicated SOMETHING was not right. 


When we went to look at the horse we had just bought we found a starving, pitiful creature in the stall.  We did not think he would survive the ride back to the barn, but Melanie begged and pleaded, so we loaded him up and took him home. 


Melanie spent her break feeding him five times a day, brushing him, walking him, and literally brought him back to life. 


After several local and regional 4-H championships, AOHA local show wins and State show placings as well as wins at Racking Horse breed shows, Jett retired to become a therapy horse. 


His long stride makes him perfect for taller riders, and his gentle loving personality soothes the most anxious rider. 

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