Marguerite Malone, Staff Psychologist

Melanie Williams, Riding Instructor

Lorianne Neal-Epperson, Volunteer Coordinator

F. Allen Scogin, Operations Consultant

3200 Clements Rd Cottondale AL 35453

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‚ÄčTherapeutic Riding of Tuscaloosa


We understand and appreciate that you might want to see the farm before making a decision.  DO NOT  'just drop by'. You may be disappointed by being turned away.

While you may 'only take a minute' it simply doesn't work that way.  Why?

  • First is Safety. For you, your children, our animals and ourselves.  The property is NOT open to the public.  When we invite you for lessons or a functrion you are welcome, but at least one of our staff members must be on site.
  • There may not be anyone there to show you around. And it is not safe to wander anyone's farm without permission.
  • An instructor may be conducting a lesson and can't just stop in the middle and restart.  The instructor's attention is to the rider, not the visitor and visitors can sometimes be distracting.
  • An open gate is often an invitation and a tease to any of the animals in the yard looking for an open gate through which they can go walk-a-bout or for outside animals to walk on in.

We are happy to give you a tour but for all of us to  benefit from the visit it must be scheduled. 

PLEASE call 712 355-8962 or 205 752-7691.  Lori will schedule a time for you to visit and answer some of your questions.  Let's do this safely and properly.