The emaciated black and white horse 

dragged itself off of the trailer where it

had endured an hour long ride to the


It is only $200 per month to ponsor one of the amazing therapy horses at TROT.  Consider sponsoring a horse


Don't have $200 to spare, no problem, we can combine your donation with those of others.  Every little bit helps!


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M. Briggs

Dr. M. Stutts

Casey Jackson

​Brenda Ragsdale

                                                                                        It’s listless, dull eyes                                                                                             surveyed the                                                                                                         surroundings as it                                                                                                 stumbled down the                                                                                               hill.  Its owner had                                                                                                 died, and everyone                                                                                               had forgotten about him until someone spotted him and called the owner’s grandson.  Having no use for the horse, the grandson called TROT, and offered to pay the cost of getting the horse in shape if TROT could use it. 

90 days later, the sprightly, bright eyed gelding trots up to the fence to eagerly greet his new client. 

The adopted therapy horses at TROT are retired and rescued horses. These horses need special feed, and special care.  All of which costs money.  Your donation is truly appreciated in helping this unique program continue while benefiting those in need of therapy and also horses in need of a home where they can receive care and a new purpose in life.

Due to insurance regulations, TROT can only take horses that are sound, and well trained.  Horses in poor condition can only be taken if the donor is willing to cover the costs of getting the horse back in sound condition.  All rehabilitation efforts at TROT are overseen by a licensed veterinarian.  We cannot accept horses with vision problems, or significant behavior problems.  

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Mr and Mrs. Dan Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Lancaster

TROT has the support of several corporations and individuals in the West Alabama area.


special training opportunities are afforded at TROT.  If you want to learn to work with challenged children and adults, if you want to learn to do equine related therapies, if you want to rub elbows with the UA Equestrian Team, this is the place for you!

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