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Mission + Vision

Teachers tell us that after the first session their students are calmer in class, and seem to begin learning more easily after only two sessions. 

Parents commentthat their children become better behaved at home as well as at school.  Neurocognitive retraining techniques have been well researched and shown to be effective.  We combine these with a positive environment, praise and rewards for positive behavior at home and school, and support for teachers and parents in implementing the strategies we teach the students. 

In the past 20 years we have seen several of our students attend college in spite of developmental cognitive disabilities.  Many are currently employed in professional capacity, and 12 more in labor related jobs.  These students had been considered to be unemployable by teachers and family alike before entering our program. 


Years ago when I started receiving services to help

me deal with ADHD, dyxlexia and dysautonomia, I had no idea just what a positive impact it would make on me and on my family.  Now I want to give back by helping others overcome physical and cognitive challenges...and SUCCEED


TROT enjoys broad

community support

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.


TROT provides a wonderful opportunity

for developmentally challenged individuals to experience the joy of horseback riding, competition and companionship.  It also provides therapeutic activities that teach these individuals how to compensate for any challenges they have and overcome these challenges. 

Therapeutic Riding is a unique means of providing neurocognitive retraining combined with physical exercise and fitness for those with developmental disabilities.  Many of our clients find exercise difficult due to developmental challenges, and spend little time outdoors.  Our specific approach encourages fitness and supports physical strengthening and neurocognitive retraining while engaging in a fun outdoor sport.  Each participant has an individual program designed by a psychologist and riding instructor who are trained in working with these individuals.  Volunteers go through specialized training so they can competently assist our riders.  We work with school groups, community groups and individuals to offer this unique method of whole health wellness. 



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